November 2, 2008

Feeling The Blogging Love

All week long my google alerts have been popping up to greet me in the morning and giving me a lunchtime surprises at work. Big thanks to Daily Art Muse, Keep Left London, Hovering Cat, The Modern Materialist, The Trendy Girl (in french oo la la!), Art Is Love and Studio Home Creative for featuring Aroha Silhouettes and helping spread the word!

The latest addition to the Phantasmal collection is the mini hardcover necklace, a smaller and more dainty version of the large hardcover necklace.

Aroha Silhouettes recycled vinyl record jewellery - Mini Hardcover necklace - books
I'm also really stoked to announce that New Zealands fantastic online design store is now the exclusive online retailer for Aroha Silhouettes in New Zealand.