October 25, 2008

The Most Phenomenal Week For Aroha Silhouettes

It has been an amazing week here at Aroha Silhouettes! Promotion is lots more fun than I expected. The week begain with my very first front page appearance. So maybe it was in the middle of the night - but I was on the front page of Etsy!

Aroha Silhouettes Eclipse vinyl record necklace on the front page of Etsy

From there things just went up and up and UP. I've been a huge fan Sub-studio design blog for yonks, so it was awesome that Anna liked my designs and featured me on their site. Jena over at Modish wrote the most incredible things about my collection, I wanted to give her a big smooch when I read it!

I was totally blown away to be featured on Notcot and Notcouture, two huge design inspiration websites.

Then came this amazing cascading effect all over the internet! I was featured on the Ponoko blog , Chic By Nature, Set Your Style and She Walks Softly. Talk about fabulous google alert overload!

To celebrate the unbelievable week at Aroha Silhouettes, we headed to all you can eat chocolate buffet on Friday night. I can't believe something so amazing exists. I was in heaven, chocolate overload heaven. Mmmmmmm.



I'm so glad you got the trackback link! I'm not a member of Etsy (I really should be) but I wanted to contact you and let you know I featured you on my site. I should have thought to do so through your blog. :-) Keep up the excellent work!

elsa mut

very nice work, I live the idea and the realisation
it contains all the trendy ideas of the moment : bling bling, rock n' roll, and ecology
perfect !

Aroha Silhouettes

Thank you ladies!