October 18, 2008

What's Next???

Everythings up on Etsy, it's looking great, but what do I do next? Where to from here? All the goals I made led up to me putting together a great collection and getting into my own Etsy shop.

So the next step for Aroha Silhouettes = PROMOTION! Time go get out there and get my amazing designs seen and heard of! Hiding in the jewellery section of etsy seems like a bit of a lost cause sometimes, it's beyond over crowded and I'm lost in a sea of other extremely talented (and not so talented) designers. It's time to ditch the shy 'what if people don't like my designs?' wah wah wah attitude and get out there!

Also, last weekend Mark helped me get some photos of me wearing my pieces. I cropped them up and was stoked with how they turned out ...

Aroha Silhouettes reclaimed vinyl record jewellery - black Aggregate necklace
I was even more stoked to discover that when I added the photo of me wearing my pieces as the thumbnail picture, views doubled. Interesting.



nice to meet yo i m eleonora.
i have a shop in italy called youyou


i m interest to sell your things.
comtact me.




I wondered if that was you; turns out you're a model AND a designer! You show them off well.
Enjoying readin your blog!