November 11, 2008

Lists, Lists And More Lists

Things have gotten a little crazy here at Aroha Silhouettes in the last week and my weekly to do lists have turned into daily to do lists. It's awesome!

I got another amazing write up on one of my favourite blogs, Kingdom of Style. The lovely Queen Michelle wrote 'There are a lot of silhouette style jewellery out there but this is my favourite so far'. It totally blew me away when I read that first thing on a Monday morning!

Aroha Silhouettes recycled vinyl record jewellery featured on Kingdom of Style Later in the week I started getting a whole lot of orders coming one after another after another and I had no where near where they were all coming from. It wasn't until that evening I discovered that Aroha Silhouettes had appeared on Mind Hacks and what they wrote totally cracked me up - 'How often will you ever have the opportunity to use the line "No honey, I wasn't staring at your breasts, I was marvelling at how a relatively simple collection of edges can demonstrate the conflicting constraints of the visual perceptual system.' Hahaha, classic! And rather true.



What's the exciting happening?!

Aroha Silhouettes

Aroha Silhouettes is now in Twigg and Hottie!!! Yipeeeee