November 22, 2012

The Polyomino Game

The Polyomino Game collaboration between Lisa Shahno and Aroha Silhouettes has come to an end and I've been bursting with excitement to share the final collection with you all! Over the last six months Lisa and myself have been playing the game together and the final step was a photoshoot in Moscow, Russia. The results have totally blown me away and as well as the images being a surprise for me, it's also the first time I've seen the clothing designs that Lisa created.

For those who are just learning about the Polyomino Game for the first time here's a quick recap of the rules that we followed throughout the game:
  • Only combinations of squares can be used (30 x 30 cm for Lisa Shahno and 1 x 1 cm for Aroha Silhouettes)
  • Each designer will create seven unique pieces for the final collection
  • The colour palette to be used includes black, white, grey and violet
  • Final designs must be completed and ready by September 2012
To make things even more of a challenge for myself I decided to do one design each for monomino, domino, tromino, tetromino, pentomino, hexomino and heptomino which separated things out even further.

Anyways, without further ado let me introduce you to the Polyomino Collection by Lisa Shahno and Aroha Silhouettes ...

The Polyomino Game has been the single most creative thing I've done in a long long time. Without the constraints of needing to create something sellable or scaleable I was pretty free to go nuts with experimental designs, time consuming methods and crazy pieces that nobody would actually wear in real life. 

Lisa did an amazing job executing the photoshoot in Moscow which was inspired by a geometric fake reality and the virtual world of the first world computer games. The paint on the feet plus the black blocks that Lisa incorporated into the shoot just blew me away. I love the look of NNEKA's feet sitting perched on them.

Polyomino Logo: The Local Genius
Photographer: Anastasia Markelova
Model: NNEKA
Makeup: Alina Asriyants
Clothing Designs: Lisa Shahno
Jewellery and Accessory Designs: Aroha Silhouettes