November 28, 2012

Molecular Addictions Inside

After spending the last year and a half focusing Molecular Addictions on consumable molecules like THC, caffeine, LSD and MDMA I wanted to take a break from that side of things and take look at the molecules inside us.

Oxytocin, estrogen, serotonin and dopamine are all molecules that are produced naturally by our bodies and are included in the new mini collection; Molecular Addictions Inside.

For the photography I wanted to try to portray the molecules in more of a literal light and give them a visual interpretation. But I didn’t just want to do this by simply taking a photo! This time we shot the images with imaginary elements that would later be illustrated in by Paulette Arochena to help the molecules tell their story and give them a lighthearted spin.

Oxytocin is a molecule that plays major roles in childbirth, lactation, mother-infant bonding and pretty much everything else maternal. I think the image for this hormone speaks for itself really! Paulette did an insanely amazing job of illustrating the breastfeeding baby onto Brittany in this image and it turned absolutely beautiful.

(Oh boy did I felt like a total creep emailing a gorgeous model earlier in the year to ask her if we could take a photo of her breastfeeding an invisible baby!)

Serotonin is an awesome little neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness while helping with sleep, calming anxiety and preventing depression. This image perfectly portrays the serotonin molecule and the elated feelings associated with it, and how CUTE are those little birds? Brittany totally looks like a Serotonin Snow White princess!

Estrogen is the name given to a group of estrogenic hormones that are associated with sexual development and the reproductive system. More specifically this necklace is the Estradiol molecule, the predominant estrogen “chemical messenger” during our reproductive years.

(Once again I felt like a creep, for this one I was emailing Paulette and telling her I need her to draw me a uterus/ovaries/vagina balloon!)

Dopamine is a fantastic little neurotransmitter that is key to our motivation and confidence. It can be released by a simple thought like kissing someone, or by a stimulus like smelling delicious food. Its role is basically to keep you striving and choosing activities that increase your possibilities of survival.

This one was really hard to give a literal image – how do you portray motivation and learning? I decided to go with the idea that a thought can induce the release of dopamine, in this case the thought of kissing a hunky guy.

As well as Necklaces for Estrogen, Dopamine and Serotonin there are also matching earrings ...

Available in matte black and stainless steel

Available in matte black and stainless steel

Available in matte black and stainless steel

Photographer - Kim Akrigg
Hair and Makeup - Dina Day
Model - Brittany Clyde
Illustrations - Paulette Arochena