October 4, 2010

When Giving Up Is the RIGHT Choice

A couple of months ago I decided that my jewellery was a total mess and it needed a stand made for it quick smart! One thing led to another and before I knew it I had designed and made a cardboard prototype. Then not too long after that I had it made in acrylic. Off to a smooth start.

The next stage was to get a base made. Shouldn't be to hard right? Yea wrong. The cheapest I could get a block of acrylic to stand the piece up in was going to cost a bomb! And other options were limited since I actually cared about the aesthetics of it, and I'm seriously lacking in the tool department to do a DIY job for it.

I think sometimes projects just come to their own natural end. And that's ok. Knowing when to give up on the unimportant stuff gives time and space to do the stuff that really matters.

Not long after deciding to say goodbye to the jewellery stand plan forever I accidentally knocked it onto the floor and it broke into three pieces. Oooops!

Bye bye jewellery stand idea, I tried ...