September 12, 2010

Shopping For Models Is Weird

So all your life you're not supposed to judge someone on their looks. It's bad, it's wrong blah blah blah. But then the day comes when you need a model for a photo shoot and all that has to be thrown out the window, all of a sudden you're looking for someone based on their looks. It's kind of bizarre.

I hunted through what must have been every single model in Vancouver for three days, it was kind of frustrating really. Model Mayhem was my main choice of browsing which could have been why. Since I was looking for a blond/light brown haired model it involved sifting through a large number of half naked porn star wannabes which I wasn't really expecting.

Anyway, all the searching aside I found the perfect model for the shoot tomorrow! I only found one and thankfully with only a weeks notice she was available. Future note: don't put off finding a model until the last minute.

I'm really excited, I've got a total dream team to work with tomorrow and I reckon it's going to be loads of fun. And with two 'learning experience' photo shoots under my belt I'm definitely due for third time lucky shoot tomorrow!