September 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Aroha Silhouettes

Jeez, doesn't even seem like that long ago since I wrote my 1st year happy birthday post.

It's the perfect time to poke fun at how fugly things looked back in the beginning ...

For some reason when I was editing these I thought I had to make the piece really BLACK because, well it was black. It resulted in everything else in the photo looking extremely dark as well. Ewwww it looks horrible. Note the ugly blotchy background from using my crappy little point and shoot.

And here's when I used to put my pieces into the scanner to take 'photos' of them. I thought I was really clever for doing this.

Oh god, this one is the worst. The purple, the front point is out of focus, the angle. Ugh!

The focus on this one is awful! Obviously pre photoshop days because there definietly isn't a seamless background here!

Tiffany over at Munted Kowhai says it's like looking back at old school photos hahaha, so true. But we all got to start somewhere though right?!

You can see how the Bermuda Necklace photos are looking these days here. Much much better I reckon.


Nick Rules

Seeing your remarks on the old days shows how much you have developed as a professional artist.

Miss Aroha you are going to retire early and live a happy and prosperous life.