August 8, 2010

Pre Powder Coating

My favorite new collection piece before it takes a trip to the powder coater ...

Aroha Silhouettes Stainless Steel Pre Powder Coating Chemistry
I'm so happy with how the pieces turned out! The quality and perfection of them has totally blown me away. Not only that, but I got the pieces 2 weeks sooner than I was expecting. Bonus!




It's really awesome what you do... I live in Argentina, I study Industrial Design.

I wanted to ask you, what is the material of this pieces?

Thank you very much!


Aroha Silhouettes

Hi Mercedes, thanks for your comment! I would love to study industrial design, that would be so interesting.

For your question - these pieces are made from thin sheets of stainless steel. It's so perfect because it's lightweight but really strong at the same time.