June 23, 2010

Procrastination Control

I've been so totally useless in the last week. Every time I sit down with to do some design work I somehow seem to get distracted. I have all the best intentions I swear! But before I know it I'm browsing through my reader, googling this that and everything, checking the next weeks unreliable weather forecast and looking through the wedding album of someone I've never met on Facebook. Searching for one thing leads to something else more interesting and so the cycle continues.

BUT I have a not so secret weapon to deal with the distractions and the lure of the internet - enter Leechblock.

Aroha Silhouettes Leechblock
Leechblock is an awesome Firefox extension that is worth installing, even if you just use it once or twice. You just tell it what sites you want to block and how long for. I force myself to block all kinds of sites and the amount of work I can get done while they are blocked is amazing. Procrastination control!