June 27, 2010

Do Something Worth Criticizing

I've been listening to Seth Godins audiobook 'Tribes' this week and there's one line from it that has really stuck in my head. 'Do something worth criticizing'. It's so simple, but really got me thinking.

My very first collection Phantasmal generated some negative comments on the internet. Things like 'anyone could do that' and 'vinyl records are just junk'. It was remarkable enough to be worth criticizing. My second collection Lucid Contrast received no negative comments (well, that I could find anyway). Guess which collection was more successful? By far Phantasmal!

Instead of taking the easy road and creating something mediocre why not design something that deserves the attention? How could you design something the critics will criticize?

In the end, boring products and ideas don't deserve to spread!



I think that it takes a lot to recognize even the bad comments, as you say even though they are bad comments it is still recognition of your work! Feedback is feedback good or bad! love your work!