May 6, 2010

Camels, Shawarmas And New Zealand

It's been a whirlwind month and a half! An itchy feet somewhat spontaneous holiday led me to Bahrain in the Middle East. A few nights catching up with friends in Toronto and six glorious nights somewhere kind of random was exactly what I needed to shake up the routine! We fed cookies to camels, indulged in far too many shawarmas, swam in the rooftop pool and drank cocktails. I even got to wakeboard the Persian Gulf! The 33 hour mission back to Vancouver was a bit rough, but the trip was totally worth it.

Aroha Silhouettes Middle East camels travel
Just a week after getting back an emergency took me back home to New Zealand on the next direct flight to spend time with friends and family. A sad time, but I'm really happy I went home.

Now I'm all settled back in and ready to get back to being a crazed workoholic! And part of that is giving this blog a lot more love and attention. Initially it was merely a place for me to keep track of Aroha Silhouettes progress and all the amazing reviews and articles that had been written all over the internet about my jewellery. Now I would really love to transform it into something a little more, a blog that I would actually read myself!