May 8, 2010

Aroha Silhouettes – 2010 Identity Makeover

Aroha Sihouettes logo design
For a while now I’ve felt like Aroha Silhouettes has outgrown the identity I created for the brand back in 2008. Back then Aroha Silhouettes was just a wee spring chicken with no solid direction or aesthetic and I put together the logo before I had even released any jewellery. As time went on and things became more refined I really started to crave a revamp. Initially I toyed with the idea of doing another DIY job on the logo but I decided against it. Just because I can use Illustrator it doesn’t make me a logo designer!

I’ve been a massive fan of Nubby Twiglet’s blog and design work for years, so there was no question about it that I wanted her to be the one to design the new identity.

My wish list for the new logo was pretty extensive. I wanted something that could be used with or without the text ‘Aroha Silhouettes’, fit with my design influences and could be scaled down to teeny tiny while still being recognizable. Most of all I wanted something that helped set Aroha Silhouettes apart from the rest.

Here’s the final result!

Aroha Silhouettes logo Nubby TwigletI absolutely LOVE it. Love love love it! I think Nubby totally nailed it. It can be scaled down very small and can also be made huge, it would make cool stickers, works as a repetitive pattern and it works in any colour. And having the choice of different lockups makes it super versatile. It fits with my influences and really is everything I was hoping for, the more I stare at it the more I love it! I couldn't be happier with it and I’m so stoked that I decided to have a professional design it.
Aroha Silhouettes logo Nubby Twiglet lockups
Aroha Silhouettes logo Nubby Twiglet pattern
Thanks Nubby!