October 25, 2009

Holiday Time 2009

After a solid year filled to the brim with hard work, it was definitely time for a holiday! Mark and I took a complete (well, almost) break from work of all kinds and headed down to America to visit somewhere I've wanted to go all my life ...

Disneyland! It really is 110% the most happy place on earth - I thought that was just their marketing thing, but it honestly truly is! Don't remember the last time I was happy for 10 hours straight. I want to live there! The music that plays throughout the park, the castle, the food, the themed everything everywhere, the amazing rides, parades, fireworks and teacups! It was amazing in every way. We also managed to cram in a short road trip to Las Vegas for a few days of crazy good times before returning to reality back in Vancouver.

A quick side note: a big thank you to Etsy for featuring Aroha Silhouettes in their 'The Space Between' storque article this week!