September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Aroha Silhouettes

Aroha Silhouettes first birthday - first year in business
Today it's been exactly one year since Aroha Silhouettes was born! And I couldn't have dreamed of a better first year in business. I'm addicted!

The learning curve has been huge and a year ago I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. Thankfully I'm happy being a workaholic! I kind of assumed that it would be all designing and glamorous selling, and didn't really think too much about the endless photos to take, constant emails, accounting, writing, marketing and constant self promotion online. BUT all that aside, I love Aroha Silhouettes to bits! It gets me bouncing of bed on a Sunday morning because I can't wait to get started on working on it, and it keeps me up until the wee hours every night of the week.

And Aroha Silhouettes 1st birthday delight - an article in Granville Magazine!

Aroha Silhouettes featured in Granville Magazine - Vancouver BC
Aroha Silhouettes featured in Granville Magazine - Vancouver BC
A big enormous thank you to Janet Gyenes, the assistant editor of Granville Magazine for taking the time to write such a incredible article about Aroha Silhouettes.

Also big props to Notcouture, This Little City, Design Catwalk and Kathryn at Like Gold Dust for being super stunning and featuring Aroha Silhouettes jewellery on their sites!


Equine Content Writer

Happy birthday, and congratulations! You have done an amazing job, and Im sure next year will be even better! Hurrah.


Happy Birthday Aroha. I wouldn't have made it to my first birthday without you!