May 2, 2009

ECOLS And Starfire Studio

I'm so excited to announce two new retailers for Aroha Silhouettes!

The first store is ECOLS in Hong Kong, a fabulous store dedicated to the eco lifestyle. They also have a super cool ECOLS rating system to illustrate why products they sell are ECO and are selected or designed for the ECOLS store. The rating system considers four main criteria - materials, manufacturing process, creativity and stylishness. I'm so thrilled that they chose Aroha Silhouettes jewellery to be a part of their store.

The second store is Starfire Studios in West Vancouver, set in the picturesque Village of Horseshoe Bay. At Starfire Studio you will find the unique and unusual, attracting the attention of discerning collectors. These objets d'art stimulate the five senses and appeal to those who have that sixth sense.

Aroha Silhouettes vinyl record jewellery available at ECOLS in Hong Kong and Starfire Studio in Horseshoe Bay British Columbia -