September 20, 2008

Opening day for Aroha Silhouettes

I always liked the idea of starting a blog at the start of a business, that way if things work out well, I can look back and go 'wow, look how far everything has come! So starting out totally optimistic, overexcited and full of butterflies, I figured I might as well have a shot at it!

My dream is to create beautiful and innovative pieces. To shy away from the usual traditional materials and designs and construct wearable pieces of art that anyone can wear.

After months and months of preparation, talking about it non stop to anyone who will listen, lots of ups and downs, list after list, lunch break missions to try and get things sorted and generally just being all over the place about the whole thing, the day has finally come to open up my own little store on Etsy.

Fingers crossed this is the start of something AWESOME!!!!



tania your squares look awesome!! i have already started the whole compulsive checking. i will put up more tonight!
Yay art!!!!


yay! very exciting!!! I look forward to seeing more of your collection! Ka Pai, good work! xo Michelle.