September 24, 2008

First Sale

After reading all the stories on Etsy about it being more than common to wait more than a month for a first sale I really thought I was in for a long wait. Etsy is full of so many amazing talented artists and designers, it's hard to imagine how anyone can find your shop when it's buried amongst all the others.

So it was a HUGE surprise when I checked my emails from my cell phone yesterday on my break to discover that I had made my first sale! I really can't even being to explain how happy I was. I was on a happy high for the rest of the day.

I was also surprised by the piece that sold first, as it was one that I hadn't relisted, it had no 'hearts' and not so many views. Go figure??

All the decisions, dramas, issues, ups and downs that came with the design process all suddenly seem so worth it! And it just so happened that it was also Mark's birthday, so we got to double celebrate.

After a fantastic night of celebration and thinking the day couldn't get any better, I got another awesome surprise - I sold another piece!

What a rad day!!!