June 14, 2013

Aroha Silhouettes Promotional Image

A couple of weeks ago I teamed up with Dina and Chelsea to create a new promotional image for Aroha Silhouettes. I was starting to get pretty low on the 5x7" cards that I send out with my orders and since I have to order a ridiculous number at a time I wanted to create a new image for them that was less collection based so it could be a little more timeless. The necklace I'd made from the Aroha Silhouettes logo designed by Nubby Twiglet was the perfect solution!

And because there was a wig involved we all had to try it on and take fun photos. Spot awkward me in the middle looking all nervous because Dina's taking photos of me! And little Lilac who joined in too.

Photographer - Aroha Silhouettes
Makeup - Dina Day
Model - Chelsea