July 11, 2012

Polyomino Game // Lisa Shahno & Aroha Silhouettes Collaboration

Russian designer Lisa Shahno and I are at the start of an exciting new collaboration called the Polyomino Game! Each of us will be creating seven unique designs which will come together in September to form a complete collection for a special photoshoot. Sounds easy enough right? But when two geometric obsessed designers get together to play a game there's always going to be a catch ... both of us can only use squares to create our designs! Lisa will be using 30 x 30 cm squares only and I'll be using 1 x 1 cm squares. 

The Local Genius is also on board and has designed us an insanely awesome identity for the project which you can see below. Collections always need logos in my opinion and this one just fits perfectly with what we're doing. Black and white perfection. 

Please join Lisa and I as we go through the steps of the Polyomino Game and share sneak peeks of what we're creating! You can follow my album here and Lisa's here. Haha, and I made a dorky video to introduce our collaboration which you can watch here (but you have to promise not to laugh since it's my first video!). I hope you following what we're doing!