January 16, 2012

Molecular Addictions // The Template By Nubby Twiglet

You may have noticed something a little different about the images I have been using for the Molecular Addictions Collection; along with the standard watermarked images there was also a template. It was kind of an experiment so I thought I would share a bit about how it came to be and how it turned out. Read on!
After I release a new collection I love to email my favorite bloggers and websites to introduce my new designs to them in hopes that they will like what they see and will share it with their readers. I had an idea that having a great template that gave the overall gist of what the collection was about might help Molecular Addictions stand out a little over all the other talented designers out there. It was also super important to have the images look like they belonged together when the collection came to an end and because the images were taken using different models, at different locations and on different days I thought a template would help tie them all together.

The list of what the template needed was pretty long and it felt a little beyond my basic graphic design skills so I asked Nubby Twiglet if she was available to take on a job (she designed my logo at the start of 2010). Thankfully she accepted!

Here’s the list of what the template needed to include:

  • A spot for a 4 x 6 portrait image
  • A spot for a 6 x 4 landscape image
  • The text ‘Molecular Addictions’
  • The Aroha Silhouettes logo
  • That the photography was by Kelly Jill
  • The name of the molecule in the image
  • The molecule featured in the image
  • A size that could easily be featured on blogs and websites
  • And it needed to be designed in a way that would allow me to easily change the images, text and molecules myself
A lot of stuff right?! After a few rounds of design/feedback with Nubby I was stoked with the final result, three beautiful and well designed templates to use to help promote the Molecular Addictions:

Portrait template for the Nicotine Necklace

Vertical split template for the DMT Necklace

But would anybody actually use them? Or would the collection get less features because of the template? I think this feature on Notcot.com says it all. Template = success!!!

Nubby also gave me the vector file for the Molecular Addictions wordmark which was great to use for other promotional stuff like the videos and website. I love how it looks on the home pages for arohasilhouettes.com:

Seriously, if you’re thinking about doing some design work I can’t recommend Nubby enough! Check out her online portfolio here and see for yourself.