November 12, 2011

Molecular Addictions // The Chocolate Necklace

The Chocolate Necklace is the fifth addition to the Molecular Addictions Collection and one that I've been excited about from the start.
I had so much fun shopping for this shoot - chocolate chips, Hershey's kisses, a chocolate block, chocolate coins, chocolate fingers, chocolate almonds and dark chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! There was also a good stash of leftovers which didn't last long once I got them home.
Chocolate, Aroha Silhouettes, Plate, Spread, Chocoholic, Molecular AddictionsTheobromine is the molecule found in chocolate which has a mild stimulatory effect on the central nervous system. Because its natural presence in cocoa beans, theobromine is found in all chocolate products. With its creamy taste and divine flavor, chocolate is an ideal addition to the Molecular Addictions Collection! Curb your cravings by wearing this delicious and dainty Chocolate Necklace or give it as a perfect gift to a self declared chocoholic.

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Photography - Kelly Jill
Hair And Makeup - Talysia Ayala
Model – Kimberly Rae
Styling - Vincent Lee