September 18, 2011

Idealog Magazine Feature // Christchurch Earthquake Necklace

"Expat Tania Hennessy was at the dentist when she first heard about the February 22 earthquake that struck her hometown of Christchurch. Now a Canadian resident based in Vancouver, she knew she had to do her bit to help. Her jewellery business, Aroha Silhouettes (formed in 2008) proved the perfect vehicle. Shaped to resemble the seismogram of the magnitude-6.3 tremor, this special edition necklace is cut from stainless steel on a sterling silver chain. Heavily influenced by her career in science – Hennessy says she’s found the perfect balance between part-time lab work and her design business – her love of clean, almost sterile lines and strong geometric shapes shows through. All sales proceeds go to the Red Cross Appeal."