March 6, 2011

A Jewellery Design For The Christchurch 6.3 Earthquake

On the 22nd of February 2011 my home town in New Zealand was totally messed up by a massive 6.3M earthquake. Although the one they had in September last year was bigger (7.1M), the damage from this one was far more intense.

For a couple of weeks I've been feeling completely useless all the way over here in Canada while my family and friends are without power and water, homeless and jobless. The Cathedral is fucked, Shag Rock has crumbled and the death toll continues to rise. It's horrific.

Yesterday I set out to design something for Christchurch with the hope to raise some funds for the NZ Red Cross. I was stuck on what use for the design for about a week. I kept coming back to the idea of the Cathedral but wasn't really sure what to do there, steeple on or off? I played around with using the words 'Kia Kaha CHCH' on their own but it didn't seem right either.

Eventually I decided on using the seismogram of the 6.3M quake. Although after a good two hours of googling I still hadn't found a decent image to base it on. So I went an obsessive step further and downloaded a Global Earthquake Explorer program which allows you search the quakes of the world ... then I spent another couple of hours learning to use that.

A screenshot of the seismogram in GEE

I exported an image of the quake and loaded it into illustrator, using it to base my simplified seismogram piece on. I thickened up the lines and rounded off the edges (don't want anyone to stab themselves with a sharp point!). I reckon it turned out pretty good!

The final step was to print it out on paper and work out what size would work best. It will be made from stainless steel and the date will be etched into one side of the piece. I think it will work really well as a brooch too!

So there you have it, my Saturday! I hope to have the design up for sale in the Aroha Silhouettes online store in a couple of weeks to raise funds for Christchurch. Hopefully it's not too late to help out. Follow Aroha Silhouettes on Facebook to see when it's available!


city cycle

Definetly will not be to late to help- this rebuild is going to take a very long time...i like the design, as a horizontal brooch i reckon, would it take much to etch an image of the cathedral onto it?

Aroha Silhouettes

Thanks Reubs! I just put together a second file for a horizontal brooch so it's good to go!

I'm sending off the file tonight so sadly not enough time to etch the cathedral into one. But if this goes well I'll be able to order more and then I can do a special one for you :-)

Kiwi Cows

Nice work – and it's never too late to help!

What about a lovely brooch featuring the Wizard?


Aroha Silhouettes

Hahaha, hmmmm. I could make a special one just for you Rex! Although it may make you look like a Lord Of The Rings fan?


LOVE this idea!!!

After hearing about the earthquake in Japan I've been toying with the idea of trying to do something I could sell and donate the proceeds to a cause that would help them, I'm thinking a natural disasters-themed shoot and selling prints perhaps?!