December 15, 2010

Transformation Black Photoshoot

Today the stars aligned and Kim Akrigg, Emma Garland, Kelsey Harker and I were all available on the same day at the same time. Jessica Ata did the styling and picked out the most perfect textured tank top that worked perfectly with the necklaces and the lighting. We all got together and squeezed in a pre-Christmas photoshoot before we all head off in separate directions for the holidays.

Since doing the Black Necklace Experiments about a month ago I decided to really go for it on the Stainless Phantasmal Collection. The pieces look a gazillion times better in black and I love the look and texture of them powder coated.

It will take a little time before the final images are ready, but here's a couple of behind the scenes shots I took today while the girls were working their magic ...

Aroha Silhouettes photoshoot
Aroha Silhouettes photoshoot
If you're a model, hair/makeup artist, stylist or photographer in Vancouver and want to work together on a shoot get in touch! I LOVE seeing the pieces on real life models and photoshoots are fun!