October 19, 2010

New Aroha Silhouettes Website And Online Store

Ten years ago I figured I’d be all into the grown up stuff at 28. You know, have some babies, maybe joined the mortgage club or something. If someone told me I’d be living in Canada and launching my own website I would have laughed at them. And probably gone ‘huh, you can shop on the internet?’ because at 18 I didn't know you could do that. Why would anyone want to answer the question ‘what I’m I going to do with my life?’ back in high school! Boring.

Anyway, I want to introduce you to the all new and a gazillion times improved and more sexy Aroha Silhouettes store ...

I LOVE it! Love love love it. Lyndsay and Ben at White Pixels are absolutely amazing and so unbelievably talented at what they do. The fact that they can build something like this from nothing boggles my mind. Every single request I had was incorporated into the site and their ideas and suggestions made it even better. Seriously, if you’re considering building a website for your business or yourself I can’t recommend White Pixels enough! They are fast, efficient, knowledgeable and incredibly lovely and polite, even when I’m suggesting page changes two days before launch!

Head on over and check out the new Aroha Silhouettes site and let me know what you think!

You can also find the new collection, Disposition, on the site as well. More on that in the next post ...





Tania your just too lovely - I'm so glad you love the new site, we love it lots too! Looking forward to meeting you!