June 6, 2010

New Business Cards

One of the funnest parts of having a new logo is getting new business cards!

My old cards were a bit random. Purple, black and white with a halftone pattern (?!?!) on the front and little love hearts and giant text taking up all the space on the black. I’ve been looking forward to replacing them for a while.

For the new cards I wanted to keep things super simple, letting the new logo speak for itself. I had my heart completely set on using embossing for the new cards but a mighty large quote changed my mind on that pretty quickly. Perhaps one day when I need a gazillion cards I will go with that option.

The Gotham typeface in two different weights was used for the text on the back which matches the logotype on the front of the cards. I chose a matte aqueous coating for the cards, which gives them this perfect not to shiny but not too rough feel. And this allows them to be written on with a ballpoint pen which is useful.

Another change from the old cards was the decision not to put my contact phone number on them. In the year and a half I had with the old cards, I think about 99% of contact was made via email so it seemed like having a phone number on there was a little pointless. Will see how it goes though, if it’s a problem I can always add it back on there.

So here they are ...
Aroha Silhouettes 2010 Business Cards Front and Back Black and White
Aroha Silhouettes 2010 Business Cards Front Black and White
In other random news, on Tuesday morning my head was attacked by a crazed crow! It actually made my head bleed a little. Evil evil birds!