May 23, 2010

Why Is It So Hard To Just Start?

I seem to have hit some sort of weird roadblock. Everything is totally in place to start designing a new collection. I know exactly what I want to do and I can see exactly how it's going to look so clearly. I have all the tools I need to begin and I’m super pumped about getting started on it.

Aroha Silhouettes Designers BlockSo why can’t I get moving? I’m putting it off and I have no idea why! Especially since I can’t wait to get into it and see how it turns out.

Perhaps I’m just procrastinating? I do like to put things off for no good reason. Or maybe I’m waiting for something? Like that little boost of inspiration that will take the new collection of designs to the next level. Argh, time to make it happen already!

Really, I probably just need to unplug the wifi ...



Procrastination stations!
I am very familiar with this phenomenon..

I find it's best not to rush these creative things though. It may seem like you're doing no work, but subconsciously you're designing up a storm, and all of a sudden the ideas just poor out :)

Good luck!

Aroha Silhouettes

Yes! I like that Erin, I'm designing up a storm while I'm procrastinating!


take your time T, I totally understand the inspiration part. get the social, errands and lazying around out of the way, dont feel guilty about those things. Inspiration can't be forced so might as well enjoy the time that you're not quite inspired to design.