August 22, 2009

Stainless Phantasmal Is Out Now!

Aroha Silhouettes Stainless Phantasmal collection logo

Optical illusions disorient the visual perceptual system with their eye-catching impossible lines.

Illusions can be based on an individuals ability to see in three dimensions, even though the image hitting the retina is only two dimensional. The brain tries to find some kind of continuity in what our eyes see, and when our perception does not match with the physical dimensions of the object, an optical illusion is born.

The semi-gloss stainless steel that each piece is etched from catches the light and provides a strong yet lightweight material for the delicate geometric designs. The Stainless Phantasmal collection by Aroha Silhouettes is made up of miniature pieces of unique art that can be worn as three-dimensional eye candy everyday.

Aroha Silhouettes Stainless Phantasmal collection optical illusion earrings made from stainless steel