January 7, 2009

Spontaneous Travel

A few weeks ago some unbelievably cheap flights to New Zealand appeared on the Air New Zealand website and took me totally by surprise. The dates to fly and return were very specific, but amazingly the dates perfectly fit in with everything.

So I got to leave behind the 50cm of snow in Vancouver for 23 spontaneous Summer days in the sunshine back home. It's been totally amazing being able to spend the holidays with family and friends!

Along with all my usual travelling luggage I packed up all the supplies I would need to keep Aroha Silhouettes running while on holiday. It's been a great test to see how mobile a jewellery business can be, and so far things couldn't be working out better. As long as there's an internet connection and a post office, I can still fulfil orders to anywhere in the world!

Aroha Silhouettes Wanaka New Zealand