December 1, 2008

My First Print Feature!!

I can't believe it's December already! The last couple of months have flown by in a blur of science and jewellery.

My most exciting news is that I was featured in X-Press Magazine based in Perth, Australia. I never imagined that my vinly record jewellery collection would go to print so soon after being released. A big thanks to Em for her wonderful article!

Another blog which I am constantly lusting over is MoCo Loco, a web magazine dedicated to everything related to modern contemporary design. I almost peed my pants when I saw the Hardcover, Aggregate, and Divided Necklaces amongst the other amazing featured designers.

Geekdad set off a fantastic wave of men purchasing jewellery for the special ladies in their lives when they featured Aroha Silhouettes in their holiday gift guide for 'GeekMoms'. Cool.



hi i saw ur bookneckles in mocoloco and i fell in love. does ur pieces exist in europe? i would love to buy one, but i live in Milan and u cant really trust the postoffice... let me now and good luck in the future...//annelie

Aroha Silhouettes

Hi Annelie!

I wish I could say yes to this question - but unfortunately the collection is only in stores in Vancouver and the United States so far. I hope one day my jewellery will be sold all over the world and can be in a store in Milan!